one to one training

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Our one-to-one training in Getting Things Done® is our most robust learning option. One-to-one training will disrupt your comfort zones and challenge you to think in new ways. The rewards can be tremendous if you’re ready for the adventure.

Training is provided over one or two days on-site in your workspace, allowing us to build or expand on your GTD® foundation, fill-in any gaps in your understanding of the methodology, and be set up for long-term and sustainable success in your path of GTD mastery.

The training is based on a personal delivery of the core Managing Workflow courses and Installation and Implementation sessions. Because we are working on a one-to-one basis, we can use your existing systems and work commitments in a way that is not achievable in a classroom environment. We can also tailor the pace of the learning to delve as deeply as we need into specific areas.

One-to-one training is ideal for you if you:

  • Want to learn in a flexible way that adapts to your knowledge and learning style.
  • Want a program that is tailored to you, engaging with your real-time work and tools.
  • Already have some knowledge of GTD, or a system that needs improvement.
  • Are not able to attend one of our public sessions held in the major centres.
  • Want to get going immediately.

What’s Included

One-to-one training includes invaluable support material to bolster your learning beyond the sessions, such as:

  • The Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity book
  • GTD Workflow Map
  • Methodology Guides
  • Jump-start guide
  • Training Coursebook
  • Cognitive Preference Survey – to better learn and work with your cognitive preferences, as it relates to GTD (optional)