speaking engagements

a taste of stress-free productivity

Keynote Speech or Webinar

This presentation describes the core principles for stress-free productivity, applicable to individuals, teams, and whole enterprises, and key techniques that can be immediately implemented.

The two key elements of self and organizational management are staying (1) in control and (2) meaningfully focused. Both factors are at risk for more and more people as the speed of change continues to increase in our global, competitive, always-on world. Staying on top of your world—personally, professionally, and organizationally—is a growing challenge. There is a way to navigate this turbulence effectively, in a sustainable way, but it does not happen automatically. It requires the application of specific best practices that can be learned, installed, and habituated.

Key Learning Points

  • Why lack of space, not lack of time, is the key limitation
  • The five steps for creating relaxed, focused control
  • How to create the optimal performance state
  • Best practices for achieving and maintaining executive sanity
  • How to optimize personal systems for getting the most meaningful work done


  • 60-90 minute presentation delivered live and/or via webinar by a Certified Trainer. The presentation can be extended, allowing more time for hands-on exercises and/or Q&A.

Participant Materials

  • An 8-page handout is provided for taking notes and includes the key learning points as a take away reference. The handout is available as a digital file for you to print out, or it can be supplied (at additional cost at company discretion). Can be printed one or two-sided.
  • A copy of the Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity book for each participant is recommended either before or after the presentation.


  • This speech is highly recommended for an audience brand new to this work, and particularly to brief a group about the big picture of GTD—the “why” and then a brief “how.” It provides an inspirational “taster” experience and can be easily followed up with the more in-depth Fundamentals Course and/or Installation & Implementation Series webinars.