If you feel that you have more to do than you can get done, or are working harder but falling further behind, GTD can help. It accelerates existing high-performance behaviours, translating ambition into action.

GTD can help you overcome distraction, procrastination, and uncertainty and help teams to delegate better, come away from meetings with a clearly defined sense of purpose, and align on shared goals in ways that ensure that the right things get done.

This virtual delivery seminar is ideal for remote teams or offices. The course is led live by one of our expert GTD instructors and we encourage full participation from our attendees. If you can’t be at one of our live in-person workshops, this is the next best thing!

The Fundamentals Workshop is delivered over 3 sessions of 2 hours each.
We also recommend the optional Virtual Installation lab, delivered in two 90 minute sessions.


Feel considerably or dramatically happier after implementing GTD


Would recommend GTD to a friend, family member or colleague


Are more productive at work after learning about GTD

Nothing short of life-changing.

Ben Hammersley

The Guardian

Learning about GTD was a revelation. It’s helped me organise my life inside work and outside of it, leading to me being happier, more productive and less stressed.

Louise Ridley

Assistant News Editor, Huffington Post


L1 Starting On-

20th May 2021
17th June 2021
8th July 2021

L2 Starting on

3rd June 2021
29th July 2021


Getting Things Done –
Level 1: Fundamentals

Learn the best practices for executing on actions, projects, strategies, and initiatives
Find easily adopted behaviours that produce greater freedom to focus on the most significant things
Eliminate distractions and noise, giving you more mental space for creative, innovative, and strategic thinking
Led by expert Trainers who have completed a rigorous certification program
Presented through engaging lectures, videos about the best practices, hands-on exercises, group discussions, and Trainer demonstrations
Available online or in-house at your organisation or through public courses held around the world


Is this the same as the in-person Level 1 course?
It’s very similar. We follow the same structure but this version of the course is specifically tailored to delivery in an online classroom environment.
Do I need any special software?
We run the course using Adobe Connect. You’ll need to download and install the applet prior to joining the course.
Can I arrange online training for my whole team?
Yes, there are a lot of benefits to training a whole team together. Get in touch with us and we can provide pricing for a private online group for your team.


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Learn the best practices of Getting Things Done and how to build your own personal productivity system.

The Virtual Workshop is delivered over 3 sessions of 2 hours each.

To help you succeed in implementing the GTD methodology in your life and work, we recommend participants also join the optional installation lab. In this additional 2 session workshop we work with participants to install their choice of software, customise it to suit GTD and your personal workflows, and begin to populate it with your tasks and actions discovered in the Fundamentals Workshop.

Take your GTD System to the next level with an in-depth look into your projects list and gain higher perspective with an examination of your projects and priorities

The Virtual Workshop is delivered over 3 sessions of 2 hours each.

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