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The Mastering Workflow Series

The Mastering Workflow Series is a three-level productivity training program based on David Allen’s groundbreaking Getting Things Done® methodology.

The series offers three engaging one-day courses and a series of succinct follow up sessions, all designed to ensure you are well-equipped to build and maintain trusted systems and make the most of your investment in learning GTD®.

Though each level is complete and self-contained within its own scope–combined they deliver a total path for mastery.


  • Teach the best practices for executing on actions, projects, strategies, and initiatives
  • Instil easily adopted behaviours that produce greater freedom to focus on the most significant things
  • Eliminate distractions and noise, giving you more mental space for creative, innovative, and strategic thinking
  • Build on the learning from the previous course
  • Led by expert Trainers who have completed a rigorous certification program
  • Presented through engaging lectures, videos about the best practices, hands-on exercises, group discussions, and Trainer demonstrations
  • Delivered in one-day or two half-day formats
  • Flexible to begin as a pilot program and expand
  • Available online or in-house at your organisation or through public courses held around the world


  • Short and fast moving to provide an engaging experience
  • Reinforce the best practices learned in each course
  • Dive deeper into experiential exercises (e.g. Guided Weekly Review, Guided Mind Sweep)
  • Provide an opportunity to ask an expert Trainer questions after the course
  • Focus on specific implementation options (e.g. Guided Setup in Outlook, Google Apps, etc.)
  • Delivered in person (for organisations bringing GTD on-site) or via webina