Mastering Workflow Series – Level 3: Focus & Direction

Total Life Management

This third level in the Mastering Workflow Series delivers the framework for the final level of mastery of the GTD® methodology. This level ties together the tactical models for getting workflow under control in Level 1 with the more strategic models for gaining perspective in Level 2. You’ll learn a dynamic model for clarifying and aligning commitments, values, and interests at all levels, joining vision with action and execution, providing lifetime keys for staying positively oriented and engaged, no matter what.

The key result on this level is coherence.

There are two components to build your success at each level in the series–the course and the follow-up workshops.

What You’ll Learn in the Focus & Direction Course

The Focus & Direction course is presented over one day or two half-days and includes engaging lectures, clever animated videos sharing the best practices, hands-on exercises, group discussions, and Trainer demonstrations.

This level brings a greater understanding of the power of focused attention, and how control and perspective come together for greater clarity, creativity, and productivity. You’ll learn the idea of the “ultimate map room” —i.e. the awareness and capacity to create, update, refine, and utilize the orientation tools that optimize our experiences—seeing the best things to see, at any time, from the best perspective.

What’s Covered in the Course:

  • Distinguishing the different Horizons of Focus®—purpose/principles, vision, goals, accountabilities, projects, and actions
  • Understanding of the principles and power of outcome thinking
  • Utilizing frameworks to create, align with, and execute on any desired outcome
  • Building awareness of the total “life management ecosystem”
  • Building systemic support for creativity, innovation, and fulfilling engagements
  • Focusing on integrity and quality of commitments and desired outcomes, tied to their seamless execution
  • Creating the awareness, freedom, and capacity to “make it up, and make it happen” —no matter what—for the rest of your life


Course Materials

  • Detailed workbook, with information and examples on the concepts presented in the course
  • Jumpstart Booklet to use as a starter system for tracking projects and actions
  • Making It All Work book

What You’ll Gain From the Follow-up Sessions

The follow-up sessions, called the Installation & Implementation Series, support you after the course in building and maintaining trusted systems and making the most of your investment in learning the Getting Things Done® methodology. They range in length from 60 minutes to 2 1/2 hours.

Level 3: Focus & Direction Installation & Implementation Series options include:

  • Going Further: Horizons of Focus
  • Going Further: Purpose and Principles
  • Going Further: Vision and Goals
  • Lifelong Lifestyle of GTD Mastery
  • The Power of Imagery and Affirmational Thinking
  • Building and Maintaining the Control Room for Navigating Life