Hi. David Allen. Two-minute tip for turbulent times. This one’s called, catch up. Now, obviously in turbulent times we’re often kind of up to here with stuff to do, but you’re likely to have some downtime. Some time where the most productive thing to do might be to clean up the backlog. That is to bring up the rear guard, as we say. For instance, how current is your bank balance, your investments? How sharp are your kitchen knives? How well have you fertilized your garden for the spring or the summer? What’s up, what’s out there that you say I need to catch that up? I’m not totally current with whatever that’s about. And that may be some of the best things you could do is to go find something that you need to catch up because by the way, the smaller the backlog of outdated things or things that are not current, the cleaner and clearer it is to deal with surprise and new things coming towards you. So the best thing to do right now, if you have some windows to do that, is to look around and say what needs catching up to get current? So that’s my two-minute tip for turbulent times. Catch up.



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