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WEBINAR: Guided GTD Mind Sweep®

August 27, 2020 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm AEST

Guided GTD Mind Sweep®  (Webinar) 

Presenter: Stephan Jenner 

What if you had an objective list of everything that currently holds your attention? Get out your note-taking devices as one of our Certified GTD Trainers guides you through a “GTD Mind Sweep” session (one of the first steps to practicing GTD). We guarantee that you’ll have at least one valuable “Oh, yeah! That reminds me…” thought during this session!


This session is designed for anyone wishing to reinforce or supplement their participation in the Fundamentals seminar as they begin to implement the Getting Things Done® (GTD®) methodology.

This session will walk through a Mind Sweep activity, allowing participants to experience the entire process and begin making it a trusted part of a system that allows them to achieve relaxed, focused control and attain greater levels of personal productivity both at work and at home.


After completing this session, participants will be able to use the Mind Sweep activity to: 

  • Identify what has their attention personally and professionally
  • Process and organise decisions into their trusted system
  • Can be repeated as needed to build the habit of the Mind Sweep


This is an Installation and Implementation Series event designed to help you build your GTD practice and keep on top of your system.


Who should attend:  

This is not the full training course, and is best suited to participants who have attended our completed a Level 1: Fundamentals course, attended a previous GTD Mastering Workflow course, had individual GTD coaching, or read the Getting Things Done book and are confident they’ve got a solid system in place and are practicing the Five Steps. Please reach out to us if you have any questions about where you are in your GTD practice.


Where it will be held: 

Online ZOOM Webinar


We look forward to seeing you at the event!


August 27, 2020
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
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Getting Things Done – New Zealand


Learn critical principles and techniques for gaining and staying in control, day to day

Level 1: Fundamentals builds on the five steps of workflow mastery: capture, clarify, organise, reflect, and engage. It focuses on the need to capture all potentially meaningful inputs into trusted tools, the decisions required to clarify what those captured items mean, the primary categories for organising information and reminders, the procedure for reflecting and reorienting, and how to optimise your system to make priority choices.


Learn key elements for defining and managing a complete inventory of multi-step outcomes within an integrated system, providing control and appropriate focus, week to week

Level 2: Projects & Priorities brings a new and more complete degree of “Mind Like Water®”—with the facility to recognise tensions as they emerge and transform them into controllable outcomes and doable actions. Problems, issues, and opportunities are translated into real projects with executable next actions.


Learn a dynamic model for clarifying and aligning commitments, values, and interests at all levels, joining vision with action and execution, providing lifetime keys for staying positively oriented and engaged, no matter what.

Level 3: Focus & Direction pulls together the idea of the “ultimate map room” —i.e. the awareness and capacity to create, update, refine, and utilise the orientation tools that optimise our experiences—seeing the best things to see, at any time, from the best perspective.


  • Teach the best practices for executing on actions, projects, strategies, and initiatives
  • Instil easily adopted behaviours that produce greater freedom to focus on the most significant things
  • Eliminate distractions and noise, giving you more mental space for creative, innovative, and strategic thinking
  • Build on the learning from the previous course
  • Led by expert Trainers who have completed a rigorous certification program
  • Presented through engaging lectures, videos about the best practices, hands-on exercises, group discussions, and Trainer demonstrations
  • Delivered in one-day or two half-day formats
  • Flexible to begin as a pilot program and expand
  • Available in-house at your organisation or through public courses held around the world


  • Short and fast moving to provide an engaging experience
  • Reinforce the best practices learned in each course
  • Dive deeper into experiential exercises (e.g. Guided Weekly Review, Guided Mind Sweep)
  • Provide an opportunity to ask an expert Trainer questions after the course
  • Focus on specific implementation options (e.g. Guided Setup in Outlook, Google Apps, etc.)
  • Delivered in person (for organisations bringing GTD on-site) or via webina