New GTD & OmniFocus 3 Setup Guide

We are excited to announce the release of a new GTD Setup Guide for OmniFocus 3. Given the significant changes in this new release, we’ve overhauled our Setup Guide specifically for version 3.

This Guide will show you how to:
– Understand the fundamental GTD best practices
– Optimally configure OmniFocus in the way we have found works best for GTD
– Configure and populate your projects and link them to the related Next Actions
– Configure and populate your Next Actions
– Use the Inbox to capture your Mind Sweep items
– Integrate email into your OmniFocus workflow
– Create useful reference lists
… and much more.

Get the Guide

Download a sample or purchase the Guide from our online shop.

If you’re an OmniFocus 2 user, check out our GTD Guide for your version here. We also have GTD Guides for many other popular software tools here.