Equipping teens with GTD

Mark Wallace, co-author of Getting Things Done for Teens, recently did a TED Talk on equipping the next generation to conquer overload and distraction. Digital connectivity has exponentially increased the volume and velocity of “stuff” coming at us every day. A new mindset and new skill sets are needed to help young people navigate this new arc of complexity so they can think clearly, implement ideas effectively, and live healthy, balanced, productive lives.



More about Mark Wallace

Mark Wallace has worked for Edina Public Schools since 1999 and currently teaches in the Continuous Progress program at Highlands Elementary in a 3rd-5th grade multi-age classroom. In 2015, Mark established Basecamp 16 LLC, a consulting agency whose focus is equipping K-12 students and professional educators for effectiveness in both their educational and personal journey.


About Getting Things Done for Teens

Getting Things Done for Teens brings a fresh take on David Allen’s classic by adapting it for a younger audience. Framing life as a game to be played, it offers simple methods that teens can use to win. Learn more about the book at www.gtdforteens.com.